Face mask sewing for hospitals, social workers and carers

for hospitals, social workers and carers

Czech version sijemerousky@gmail.com

Czech version

Face mask sewing for hospitals, social workers and carers

in Brno and its greater area

Brno is currently lacking disposable face masks for nursing homes or social workers in the field. Until the supplies resume, we will sew, collect, disinfect, pack and distribute masks, where it is needed the most. If you are an field worker, social worker or work in the health services and you need a mask, contact us.

It is not in our capabilities to sew for individuals; the priority is given to the organisations that care for the people at risk. Thank you for your understanding.

Live: Since Friday 20.3. (including) we are moving some sewing places from Husa na provázku to other location. Sewing volunteers are invited to look at the Doodle.

Live: Do you want to sew, but lack the material? We will deliver it to you, please let us know.

About face masks

How should the mask look like?

Help us directly in our sewing workshop!

V Huse na provázku na Zelném trhu 9, v Podané kavárně na Hilleho 5, v café Industra na Masné 9 a v galerii Off Format na Gorkého 41 jsou připravené stroje, materiál i lidé, kteří vás zaučí.

There are sewing machines, materials and teachers available daily in Husa na provázku theatre at Zelný trh 9, in Podaná kavárna café at Hilleho 5, in Cafe Industra at Masná 9 and in Off Format Gallery at Gorkého 41. Come and help us!

I have the fabrics and cords and I want to donate them

Bring what you have to the gate of the Husa na Provázku theatre. Please, the fabrics have to be washed and not crumpled.

I want to sew at home, please bring me the material

Contact us, we will deliver the material. For each 5 masks sewn, you can take 1 for your use.

I have the masks, where should I bring them?

We will come for them, so you don’t have to leave the house. Please, let us know, and we will contact you.

I want to help, but I can’t sew.

Contact: sijemerousky@gmail.com